The 10 Most Unhappy Wedding Couple Photos

Weddings are meant to be happy occasions that lead to marriages (which are often unhappy occasions but that’s another story). However, not ever wedding couple is a picture of happiness on their big day. Here’s a look at the 10 Most Unhappy Wedding Couples we could find.

10. The “Stay On Your Side Of The Marriage Bench” Couple

9. The Bride Who Hates Her Groom And Her Maid Of Honor

8. Do You Take This Bottle To Be Your Lawful Wedded Husband?

7. The Crying Groom

6. The Couple That Thinks They Deserve Better Than Each Other

5. The First Of Many Disapproving Looks She Will Give

4. They Just Realized They Made A Mistake

3. She Just Found Out About His Credit Card Debt

2. There’s Nothing Gay About This Marriage

1. Don’t Be Fooled – This Couple Isn’t Happy


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