You know you’re into Lean Six Sigma when….top 10 signs

A friend was telling me about a Lean project he is currently working on. Implementing Kanban, Lean Six Sigma training, set up reduction and quality initiatives, among other things, this person is currently consumed in Lean. My friend said that he thinks it’s time for a break because he is even dreaming about Kanban cards! My advice to him was to get use to it. Once you’re into Lean Six Sigma, you are always thinking Lean. We then came up with our Top 10 list of: You know you’re into Lean Six Sigma when…

  • Loading the dishwasher, you put the spoons, knives and forks together so it is faster to unload and put back in the drawer.
  • You wonder why it takes so many key strokes to get a boarding pass printed at the counter when you can do so fast checking in over the web. You also wonder what video game the ticket agent is really playing.
  • You think your neighbors should put their garbage cans next to each other and cut the number of garbage truck stops by at least 50%.
  • You now think garage sales are a good idea because it gives you a chance to kick off you’re “at home” 5S program.
  • Friends ask if you are taking a second language course because you are throwing words like muda and kaizen around.
  • Speaking of kaizen, although you’re kids admit to not knowing much about Lean, they are pretty sure that cleaning the backyard does not count as a kaizen event even though you’ve advertised it as such.
  • You don’t know why the kids aren’t excited to help clean the backyard since they will get another skill added to their Cross Training Matrix.
  • You now get why your wife wants you to ask for or follow directions (Process doc, standardization…)
  • You admire the bartender that can pour 2 drinks at the same time because you think they are into cycle time reduction.
  • During a break in the game you are using empty beer bottles to explain a 2-bin replenishment system to your buddies.



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