Apple iPhone Nano Photos & Review

Chinese handsets have flooded the mobile phone markets with clones of all the famous brands and hot selling models/handsets. Out of these the latest handset which is getting into the top charts is the ‘iPhone Nano’ and we cannot expect this to be a product of Apple because there are no news from Apple about such a handset and this is clearly a clone which can be available for somewhere around 100USD.

Here are some photos which i had found on multiple websites which can give you a idea on the size of the handset. The original iPhone is a complete touch screen device and there are claims that this mini iphone would also have the same features but with a small size which can be easily handled by anyone especially women who look for mini devices than those bulky shaped ones. The most amazing thing is that because the official model is released, the clones are available in the market and their color silicon cases are also available.

Apple iPhone Nano Shuffle
Apple iPhone Nano Demo
Apple iPhone Nano Comparision


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