FireTune is a freeware that speeds up Firefox to the extreme.

FireTune is a freeware that speeds up Firefox to the extreme.

Applicable to Firefox

Now that you’ve taken the baby step to speed up Firefox why not take an extra step to make Firefox superfast? FireTune is a freeware tool that helps you optimize Firefox so that it can work on the turbo speed mode.

FireTune allows you to configure the level of optimization that it can do by letting you choose the kind of computer and the internet connection that you have. The optimization that FireTune does is possible because of the fact that the developers of Firefox (or any other browsers for that matter) targets the users who have dial-up connection. They assume that if they can make the browser perform decent for the dial-up users then obviously the high-speed internet connection users will get a better speed performance. But that’s not the case all the time. That’s when FireTune comes in to speed up Firefox to the extreme.

Follow these steps to configure FireTune to optimize Firefox to get better speed,

Step-1: Close all of the Firefox instances

Close all of the Firefox instances that’s running on your computer. FireTune will fail if Firefox is running, so close all the instances of Firefox on your computer.

Step-2: Download and run FireTune

Download FireTune and unzip the file. You can use one of these WinZip and WinRAR alternatives if you don’t have WinZip or WinRAR installed on your computer. Once unzipped, launch FireTune.exe.

Step-3: Backup Firefox configuration

Backup Firefox configuration warning message

Once you run FireTune it asks you to backup Firefox configuration. Just click on the “OK” button.

Backup Firefox configuration successful message

When FireTune launches click on the “Create backup of configuration” button as shown above. FireTune will acknowledge with a “Backup successfully created!” message once done.

Step-4: Performance Optimizations

FireTune Performance Optimizations tab

Click on the “Performance Optimizations” tab if the focus is on another tab. Here you can choose the type of computer and internet connection that you have. In my case I have a fast computer and a really high speed internet connection, so I chose “Fast computer/Fast connection” option. Choose the one that applies to you the most.

Step-5: Other Optimizations

FireTune Other Optimizations tab

Click on the “Other Optimizations” tab and make sure to check the “Enable some performance tweaks common to all configurations” option.

Step-6: Other Useful Settings

FireTune Other Useful Settings tab

Click on the “Other Useful Settings” tab and make sure to check the “Optimize Firefox memory usage” option.

Step-7: Speed up Firefox now

FireTune Tune It button

Click on the “Tune it!” button once you are ready to let FireTune do its job.

FireTune Successful Optimization message to speed up Firefox

FireTune will optimize your Firefox installation to the chosen settings and will notify you of the status like above. The message to restart Firefox is erroneous. Since there is no instance of Firefox running there is no point of restarting Firefox. Anyways, ignore the details of the success message and just go ahead and launch Firefox.

You should be able to see a remarkable improvement in the performance of your Firefox browser.

FireTune Restore Original Configuration button

In case if things go wrong you can always use the “Restore original configuration” button to restore your Firefox configuration to an earlier stage. Things will be back to normal if you use this option, if you have to.


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