Fiat Palio Diesel Multijet Test Drive Report

After the Stile, not much has changed, the most prominent are the new logos and the new grille, which looks much better than the old one. It looks stunning in white, even after all these years in production.
It’s old, but still not a bad looker.
The interiors aren’t really anything to write home about. Its shocking that the interiors are the same the Palio first came out with years ago. Sure they’ve added beige to the interiors, but the slider controls for the AC and exposed metal in the doors cannot hide the age of this car. Even an Indica comes with moulded door panels. The ergonomics are fantastic though. The driving position is good and the seats are comfortable. Its spacious and rides very well. I hated the handbrake lever which seems to have been taken off a Padmini and the flat rear-view mirrors are just not done.
Interiors look dated.
The same engine does duty in the hot selling Swift as well. The Swift is a punchy performer and is very frugal as well. Has anything changed in the Palio? Well, the Palio is a heavier car than the Swift so there has been some impact on the performance and efficiency. Its not as efficient as the Swift, expect around 12kpl in the city and about 16-17kpl on the highway. Till 2000rpm, there is decent pull, but the actual action starts past that and goes up till about 4000rpm where it runs out of breath.
The same engine does duty in the Swift DDIS as well.
But there are good bits as well. The Palio handles very well, not only for a small car too. The ride is comfortable, the suspension absorbs the bumps really well, though its a tad stiff at low speeds. The steering is well weighted and gives you a lot of confidence in corners which most other hatches lack. The brakes too are much better than what we are used to hatchbacks especially when you compare it to an Indica whose brakes aren’t that great.
Worth it?
You get similar levels of performance as the Swift at a lower price, so it does look promising. But Palios don’t have good resale, but the since this is a diesel, this is expected to have better resale than its petrol sibling. But one thing is for sure, you do get good value for money. Its available in SD, SDE and SDX version. Its a tough fight with the Swift, but personally I’d go for the Swift because its a more modern design, the interiors are better and its a Maruti so aftersales shouldn’t be too much of a problem. But if you are on a budget and can’t choose between the Indica Turbo/Dicor and this, then I’d definately go for the Palio.

Palio_Stile_Diesel images and Palio_Stile_Diesel wallpapers

Palio_Stile_Diesel images and Palio_Stile_Diesel wallpapers


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