Strangest Internet Cafes From Around the World

In West Yorkshire and Leeds, UK. Photo: St Stev

… Or better yet, donuts!

In Palo Alto, California. Photo: netzkobold

… For those who are pressed for time: browse the Internet and do laundry at the same time!

In the Philippines. Photo: nicknich4

See many more weird Internet cafes from around the world:

… Or do your banking at the same place at the ING Direct Internet cafe:

In Philadelphia. Photo: miss leslie

… Stressed? Get a massage, read some manga, and enjoy a boba drink with your Internet!

In Costa Mesa, California. Photo: djchuang

… If you need some laugh, here’s the LOL! Internet Cafe:

In Limerick, Ireland. Photo: chrisnicolson

… Or if something stronger is needed than coffee, try this Internet cafe and Cocktail Bar:

In Morecambe, Lancashire, UK. Photo: Ulleskelf

Whatever you do, just don’t let these two find each other … the Internet will annihilate itself in a big flash of energy (or maybe not):

In Germany. Photo L: liquidx R: also liquidx

In case you want to jack into the Matrix, the TRUE Internet cafe in Thailand got the set-up (brainwashing extra, okay?):

In Thailand. Photo: enda_001

For those on the run, here’s the Internet Bus:

In Franz Josef township, New Zealand Photo: zinjixmaggir

For those who gotta run, here’s Fast Pee Internet:

In Washington D.C. Photo: jumbledpile

Internet? We have no stinkin’ Internet. Enternet? now that we have!

In Zanzibar. Photo: alexlaurie

How about some famous names from the Net? Here’s Google’s Internet cafe, just in case that search engine thingy isn’t working out …

Photo: abacus

See also:Google Internet cafe in Damascus, Syria; Myspace Internet cafe and the Highest Cyber cafe in the World

Call Sarah Connor! It’s Skynet!

In Kyrgyzstan. Photo: bkolko

If you ever wondered where the Internet lived, here it is:

In Hawaii. Photo: tomeppy

Whatever you do, just don’t look at porn!

From the Bohemia Internet cafe in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Photo: PinkMoose

and some more



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